The Order of White Knights (OWK or 15 23 11) is a loose fraternity of associates and supporters that occasionally gather to discuss topics of common interests. The OWK first attracted interest in 2001 when the organisation had a more coherent structure. It had an online presence until 2009. During that year its online presence was removed. This followed a deliberate splintering in the organisation. Those online gap years witnessed various associates and supporters set up a multitude of online media sites and new organisations. Some using the same name or derivatives. In 2015, a tentative online presence was re-established.

Now, in 2020, an online presence is restarted. The aim is to gather as many associates together as possible, to start to re-engage with discussions of common interests, in a debating society.

A lot has changed since 2001, not least the closing down of debate and withdrawal of free speech for many associates and supporters. Paradoxically, this ocurred when many of the vanguard notions and ideas within the OWK became mainstream. The closing down of debate forced the issues of the day onto the mainstream political parties. In many ways, a democratic blow-back occured against the closing down of free speech.

Ironically, when you, for example, look at the modern US Republican Party or the current US President they would not be far removed from a 2001 OWK associate both in viewpoint and aspiration. This, of course, could be merely coincidental even though amazingly it occured when the authorities saw fit to stamp out free speech on those they saw as objectionable. If there is a lesson in this then surely it should be win the debate not kill the messenger.

You may have noticed that this website has severely toned down its language. There isn't the usual phrases, symbols and slogans. Put simply, there is no need to preach to the converted and for good reasons, as mentioned above.