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Alias: Brother
Website: www
Date: 17 Jan 20 05:04pm
Popular Nativism v Multiculturalism

Popular nativism is a reaction to multiculturalism. Those who dogmatically advocate multiculturalism produce an antagonistic opposite in nativism. One gives birth to the other. One is described as open minded the other as closed minded. However, there is another path. A third way, which is neither antagonistic to the nativist nor the multiculturalist.

When you look at Europe what do you see? You see a multicultural continent. There are numerous languages which form several cultures. There are regional cultures, dialects and numerous customs and traditions. The nativist is present in each region. When you look at the nativists in each differing region can you really tell them apart? Put another way, when you look at modern England can you tell the difference between a Norman and Anglo-Saxon? Of course, there are the obvious stereotypes but there is also a common ancestry.

Not just an ancestry based on apes rather a more evolved common ancestry. You may pick that up by a study of languages and discovering the roots of those languages.
Alias: Brother
Website: www
Date: 16 Jan 20 02:54pm
Free speech is curtailed due to the red virus deconstructing culture, penetrating the status quo. Today, aristocrats have very tainted blue blood. Two centuries back a cotton picking slave has produced offspring that eventually wears a crown. Is it no wonder that the elites are regarded by some as being lizards. In other words, not from the same blood as those they rule over. Hardly surprising that the red virus has effectively deconstructed them and in so doing are deconstructing, through them, our societies. So, today, we live in a society where free speech is reserved for those that comply; those not found objectionable. Granted you won't find a communist among them yet, in essence, the crypto-communist has won. True free speech is dead!

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